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Fire Chief


"I feel it is an honor to serve the citizens of the Midway Fire District as your Fire Chief. I am committed to making sure you have highly skilled and trained professionals who can make a difference, arrive on scene in an average of 4.5 minutes, and competently and professionally perform the task at hand.

I am very proud of our professionally trained staff here at Midway Fire District. The men and woman who serve the citizens of the District work very hard each and every day to deliver the best possible service. The delivery of service by our personnel is accomplished through a team approach. It is through this approach that crews are able to stabilize the sick and injured, perform vehicle extrication while simultaneously caring for trapped occupants or fight a structure fire and accomplishing those critical tasks that are necessary to stabilize the situation. The building of a quality team has been accomplished through many hours of hard work, training and dedication.

Realizing that response times are just half of the picture, the District’s delivery of EMS goes beyond that of just looking at response times. We continually monitor  “Time to Treatment” (time from patient contact to time treatment is initiated) to ensure that patients suffering from  injuries or illness receive prompt, often life-saving treatment within minutes of arrival of the first responding Advanced Life Support unit. District personnel, as well as the ambulance provider, are now required to bring the needed equipment and medication to the patient, thereby reducing the time to treatment.

The District utilizes modern firefighting techniques and aggressively performs interior fire attacks utilizing modern equipment such as Positive Pressure Ventilation fans and nozzles that deliver adequate fire flows. Crews work under an Incident Command System which greatly improves efficiency and safety on the fire ground. The District only employs trained and certified firefighters in accordance with Florida Statute 633.

The reality is that most of the residents living within the District will never actually have to rely on the Fire District's services, but it is my commitment that when you do have a need for our services, whether emergency or non-emergency, we will be there to deliver quality services that meet or exceed your expectations.

If you ever encounter a situation whereby we did not perform up to your expectations, please feel free to contact me  at 850-932-4771 or by e-mail at"